Classical massages

Wellness treatments that bring the body, mind and soul back into harmony. Massage with almond or jojoba oil with or without the addition of aromatic oils.

Back massage *

Tense muscles and ligaments are often the cause of headaches and fatigue. A classic back massage provides relief.

25 minutes 49,00 €

Full body massage **

By massaging with the lymphatic flow, using cleansing oils, toxins and waste products are released from the tissue and eliminated.

55 minutes 79,00 €

Leg and foot massage *

Knees, lower legs and the entire foot are treated with special massage techniques. Filigree grips, rubbing, stroking and stretching stimulate the lymphatic system and promote the detoxification and purification of the body.

25 minutes 49,00 €

Head and face massage *

The scalp is massaged gently and extensively and the entire facial musculature is invigorated with gentle massage strokes.

25 minutes 49,00 €

Head-neck-shoulder massage

light pressure on the head, gentle strokes and best possible solution of the nodal points in the neck reduce tension. Highly recommended for migraine. Enjoy complete relaxation and forget the stress of everyday life.

45 minutes 69,00 €