Climatic Spa Muggendorf

The "Franconian Switzerland" is situated within the triangle of the towns of Nürnberg, Bamberg und Bayreuth. The villages Muggendorf and Streitberg are the oldest climatic spas of this region. Since 1972 they belong - at the administrative level - to the newly-founded municipality "Markt Wiesenttal".

No traffic - a real quiet Village

Since 1999 there is no transit traffic in Muggendorf - thanks to a bypass road on the other bank of the Wiesent River.

Tourism since the 17th Century

Sensational archeological findings of bones of extinct animals in the numerous caves around Muggendorf 250 years ago attracted many researchers and scholars and established tourism in the region. The "Bing Cave" in Streitberg is up to this day a favourite destination for guests and visitors. It is just a few kilometers from Muggendorf and can be reached easily.

The castle ruins of "Neideck" and "Streitburg", many natural monuments, bizarre rock formations and a well-developed grid of hiking trails make Muggendorf the ideal starting point for the most beautiful hiking trips.