Travel insurance?

Who helps if things don't go according to plan on the way? Who knows how much protection is really necessary when travelling? Who makes sure that illness does not spoil the holiday? How much insurance do you need for a short trip? How do you get home if the shuttle flight is delayed and you miss your connecting flight?

We recommend that you consult a travel insurance specialist who has the right answer to these questions. Whether you are travelling privately or on business, ERGO travel insurance will ensure that you travel with a feeling of security.

Here you can find out more about the travel insurance products of ERGO Travel Insurance.


Choose from a wide range of insurance services:

Cancellation / Interruption of travel

Illness is the most common reason for cancellation of a trip. You should in any case insure yourself against this and other risks in order not to pay expensive cancellation fees.

We recommend the travel insurance specialist ERGO Reiseversicherung, which offers you tailor-made products to cover your trip.

Annual insurance (packages and individual)

For frequent travellers who do not want to worry about finding the right travel cover, our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung has the ideal solution: annual insurance is usually worthwhile from the second holiday and business trip onwards.

This means that you can travel as often as you like during the year and are also covered on weekend trips within Germany.

All-round carefree cover package

Do you want maximum security for the best possible holiday at minimum cost? Then the travel insurance packages of our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung are the ideal solution.

The all-round carefree cover includes

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Travel interruption insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Travel health insurance

So you can really sit back and relax: before, during and after the journey.

Travel health insurance

The absolute must when travelling is protection in case of illness or accident.

Whether you are looking for a doctor in Sardinia or even a hospital in Bangkok, you can rely on the experience of our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung, which provides fast and unbureaucratic assistance in an emergency and covers the costs of medical treatment.

Group insurance

You would like to travel to Spain with the skittle club? Or to France with the gospel choir? Or just rent a holiday home in Tuscany with your best friends?

For groups of 10 or more people, our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung has the right travel insurance, which you can also put together individually from individual modules:

  • All-round, worry-free group cover
  • All-round group protection without cancellation insurance
  • Group travel health insurance
  • Group travel cancellation insurance

Student travel insurance

Final trip to Rome and a student breaks his leg - where can you find the best hospital? With the student travel insurance offered by our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung, you can take out comprehensive cover for the health, cancellation, accident and liability risks of students and their carers.

Incoming insurance

Are you looking for suitable insurance cover for a foreign guest travelling temporarily to Germany or another EU host country?

You will find it with our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung! Incoming insurance covers foreign guests in the event of illness, accident or liability risks.

Admission ticket insurance

What happens to the expensive festival tickets if you have to stay in bed with flu on the day of the performance? Who will reimburse you for the Champions League tickets if you are in hospital with a broken leg instead of cheering in the stadium? Our partner, ERGO Travel Insurance, offers a good and inexpensive way to cover these risks with its ticket insurance.

Insurance for students and au pairs

More and more young people are planning a longer stay abroad. Be it as part of their studies, as a language student, au-pair, trainee or backpacker. In order to be able to enjoy this very special time completely carefree, one should also think about the appropriate insurance protection. Depending on your needs, our partner, ERGO Travel Insurance, offers different products:  

For example, complete cover, which includes health, accident and liability insurance as well as insurance against breakage and interruption. Alternatively, the health insurance abroad can also be booked as individual insurance. Our travel cover is valid especially for young people for a stay of up to 12 months, the age limit is 35 years.