Rated four stars in 2017

Again: rated 4 Stars in 2017!

Hotel "Goldner Stern" and "Sternla" rated "Four Stars"

Finally our rating has been upgraded: the "German Hotel Classification increased our rating from "Three Stars Superior" to "Four Stars" . In other words: the "Goldner Stern" becomes a "First Class" hotel, the only one in the center of the Franconian Switzerland around Muggendorf. Does this spell "higher prices" for our guests? The answer is a resounding "No!" - the higher rating does not lead to higher prices: not in our restaurant, not in our hotel, not in our conference facilities. This means that our already very good price/performance-ratio has improved once more. BTW: Our new Hotel Sternla is a First Class Hotel, too.

Background Information

In order to achieve "more security and transparency for tourists", the "German Hotel and Restaurant Association" DEHOGA established in 1996 an official classification system for German hotels which had long been demanded by consumer associations. Up to now, nearly 8,000 establishments have participated on a voluntary base and asked for an assessment according to the uniform classification criteria of the "Deutsche Hotelklassifizierung".

From the German Hotel Classification homepage: "The hotel classification is an incentive aimed at raising quality standards and improving the chances for independent medium-size hotels to be booked via computer reservation systems. The diversity of establishments is taken into account by nearly 280 criteria of the "Deutsche Hotelklassifizierung". The system is based on minimum criteria and weighting points for each category."


The brand product "Deutsche Hotelklassifizierung" is masterminded by DEHOGA. Working together with various touristic partner organizations and 18 regional classification institutions DEHOGA guarantees that all participation German hotels will be rated in a fair and objective way. Because individual evaluations are emotional and subjective, the assessment is based only on objective criteria, and therefore the hotel rating does not mirror subjective aspects. Nevertheless aspects of the general conditions of the building, the furniture and the basics of accomodation facilities are included. Plausibility checks and inspections on the spot make sure that "cheaters" have no chance. Additionally, the rating must be repeated regularly - its validity is limited to a three years term.