Hunting and recreation in the Franconian Switzerland

General Information

  • Area type: small game, approx. 1,000 ha
  • Huntable animal species: roe deer, wild boars, hares, stone and pine martens, polecats, badgers, woodcocks, mallards, mute swans, coots, wood pigeons, wood pigeons, magpies, jays, crows, coypu (nutria), foxes, wild rabbits, tanuki, raccoons.
  • Wild boars can be hunted all year round, roe deer from May - January (legal closed seasons must be observed).
  • Own dogs can only be taken along for the hunt with their seat belts fastened.
  • Valid hunting license and shooting certificate must be presented at check-in.
  • Weapons storage in the house is possible
  • Weapons supply for 25,00 € per day possible (advance reservation necessary)

Your hunting stay with us

After your check-in, your district manager will welcome you and will meet with you during the evening for a first meeting and the appointment of the residence. He is your contact person for all questions concerning hunting in the beautiful Franconian Switzerland/Upper Franconia and will be happy to accompany you on the hunt, upon presentation of your valid hunting license.

For the raised hide hunt, numerous raised hides are available in our hunting area, which are mostly closed and stable pulpits with room for up to three persons.

After the successful hunt you can buy the game at the current daily price. It is also possible to dismantle the game on site, as well as to put on the trophy by arrangement. Tell us your wishes and we will make your hunt an impressive experience. Good hunting!

Please note our special hunting packages!