Our Hotel - a modern House with Tradition

Entrance area and reception

The "Goldner Stern" ("Golden Star") in Muggendorf now exists for more than 300 years, with official documents tracing back the origin to 1686. Despite our old roots, we offer modern, up-to-date accommodation, striving for a combination of tradition, comfort and functionality - just have a look at our rooms.

Region-based Cuisine

Our region-oriented cuisine offers simple snacks (the so-called "Brotzeit") of the "home-style cooking" type as well as award-winning advanced cuisine, from a simple meal for one to an elaborate dinner party. Our food is freshly prepared, using local farm meats and vegetables. We also have a fish tank where we keep assorted regional fish - all fish dishes are as fresh as can be.

Beautiful Landscape

Located in the heart of the so-called "Franconian Switzerland", our surroundings are a hiker's dream come true. Deep valleys, rocky cliffs, small villages and an abundance of castles and ruins. Pure, unspoiled nature coupled with cultural highlights - many museums, concerts and festivities - and a variety of sports for everybody, from the family to the advanced sportsman.