Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda or "The Science of Life" is an age-old system of health provision. It is applicable to every situation in our life and offers solutions for all who seek harmony, peace and a long healthy life. Ayurveda is based upon medical experience an the laws of nature, traditionally revealing the secrets of health, beauty and charisma. Ayurvedic massages refresh, vitalize and detoxify body, mind and soul.

All treatments are preceeded by determining the individual "dosha" in order to prepare the appropriate dosha-oil.

All ayurvedic massages are conducted in-house by Alexandra Gutierrez from our neighbor-town Ebermannstadt.

[Need more information? See the Wikipedia Article on Ayurveda]


ayurvedic head- neck- and shoulder-massage incl. marma-point-massage, without oil!
30 min. - 30,- euro
special forehead-infusion technique, no oil gets in your hair!)
30 min. - 30,00 euro
Abhyanga Age Control
ayurvedic face-massage incl. modifiied forehead-infusion
50 min. - 49,- euro
ayurvedic massage of the whole body, includes a Shirobhyanga, upon request Shirodhara, and a hand- and foot-massage
120 min. (without resting) - 99,- euro
ayurvedic hand-massage incl. the arms
40 min. - 39,- euro
ayurvedic foot-massage incl. lower legs
40 min. - 39,- euro

Our tip: ayurvedic massages make an ideal gift!

Gift certificates / coupons are available.