You need propane? We got it!

Liquid gas - the mobile energy for trade, industry, agriculture, catering and leisure.

You can obtain propane from Tyczka Energy from us in all standard bottle sizes.

Sales times: Mon - Sun 8:00 - 22:00

Price list cylinder gas

Recommended retail price (as of June 2019), including statutory energy and sales tax

Quantity / filling / deposit

5 kg liquid gas / 12,50 EUR / 20,98 EUR

11 kg liquid gas / 24,50 EUR / 29,89 EUR

33 kg liquid gas / 75,00 EUR / 71,34 EUR

11 kg MOTOGAS / 27,00 EUR / 29,89 EUR

Tax-deductible energy product! May not be used as fuel unless such use is permitted under the Energy Tax Act or the Energy Tax Implementation Regulation. Any use other than as fuel has tax and criminal law consequences! In case of doubt, please contact your responsible main customs office.